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Servo Roll Feeder,Gripper Feeder,NC Servo Roll Feeder,Mechanical Gripper Feeder
Servo Roll Feeder, NC Servo Roll Feeder
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Pneumatic Feeder

We are the leading the manufacturer and supplier of all type of Pneumatic Feeder such as Air Feeder, NC Servo Roll Feeder, Mechanical Gripper Feeder, New Gripper Series, CAM Feeder, Industrial Pneumatic Feeder, Heavy Duty Pneumatic Feeder, Gear Change Feeder, Gripper Feeder, High Precision Feeder, Nc Servo Feeder, Servo Roll Feeder, Push And Pull Feeder, Band Feeders, Coil Feeder, Mechanical Plunger Actuated Feeder, Zig Zag Feeders, Nc Servo Zig Zag Feeder, Mechanical Roll Feeder, Die Feeder, Roll Feeder, Zig Zag Feeders, Mechanical Plunger Actuated Feeder, Feeders For Power Press, Feeding Machine, Roll Feeder, Die Feeder, Coil Feeder

Cam Actuated Solanoid Control Pneumatic Air Feeder

Suku Controls Pvt.Ltd.
We have developed the Air feeder Series by installing a special valve that increases the feeding speed. This Air Feeder Series is specially designed for the high production of small parts, especially when long feed strokes are needed.

Coil stock can be fed in any direction or angle at any time during the machine cycle. A single feed can push or pull through long or short progressions.

A variety of stock widths and thicknesses can be fed at different speeds and feed lengths. Two or more strips can be simultaneously fed by the same feed.

How To Select a Feeder?
Max. width of your strip in coil form
Max. stroke length of your feeding
Max. Min thickness of your strip
Max. Strokes per minute of press..

Product Details :
Automation GradeSemi-Automatic
Machine TypePoultry Feeding Machine
Production Capacity500 Kg - 1 Ton/ Day
Driven TypeElectric
Air Pressure5 to 7 Kg
Material Width50 to 1000 mm

Cam Actuated Solanoid Control Pneumatic Air Feeder

Type Strip Width Max. Stroke max. Strip Thickness Max. Max. Stroke/min
VV31 157 102 3.90 140
VV32 157 202 3.60 120
VV33 157 302 3.10 70
VV34 207 102 3.10 130
VV35 207 202 3.10 110
VV36 207 302 3.10 70
VV37 307 102 3.10 120
VV38 307 202 3.10 95
VV39 307 302 2.60 60

Suku Controls Pvt.Ltd.

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Mechanical Gripper Feeder

Suku Controls Pvt.Ltd.
Introducing the new age feeding system to fulfill the demands of creasing the production and decreasing the recurring expenses in sheet metal component making industry. Suku High Speed Gripper feeds have the perfect solution to problems of feeding medium and high speed press, due to its simple adjustment system and the precision of its movements and remarkable performance

Product Details :
Capacity(Tons)2 to 10 Ton
Max Width10-410 mm
Max Stroke Length50-100 mm, As per requirement
Thickness0.1-2.00 mm
Country of OriginMade in India
Usage/ApplicationCoil Stamping and Lamination
TechniqueBased on Press Ram speed of operation
Power SourceGear Box, Press Main Shaft

Salient Features:
  1. Accurate and easy pitch adjustment.
  2. Accuracy to the tume of + 25 microns, obtainable with piloting.
  3. The Grippers are made out of carbide of give life ling service.
  4. All rotating parts are fitted with antifriction bearings to give long life and reduced maintenance.
  5. High speed of upto 650 strokes per minute.
  6. Roller Cam for Pilot release setting, which gives great precision in adjustment of the fixed gripper.
  7. Micrometer pitch setting arrangement provided.
  8. Silent in operation - no air required.
  9. Trouble free in operation.
  10. Mechanically synchronized with the press thus avoiding feeding mismatch at high speeds.
  11. Drive from press crankshaft to the Feeder is fitted with an overload safety coupling.
  12. Hardened gears provided in the right angle gear box for long life.
  13. Stock buckling guides for thin material.
  14. Easy setting for strip thickness.
Type Model
Stroke Length
max stroke /min

Standard transmission including one 900 gear box, one connecting shaft (length must be adopted to the press dimensions) and one rubber coupling. (SUKU/11).

Transmission for speed over than 400 strokes/min including 900 gear box and its support, one connecting shaft (length must be adopted to the press Dimensions), one flexible coupling and one angle setting coupling. SUKU/12) Cascade roll basket to hold the strip on the entry side, the strip radius is designed according to the feeder capacity (SUKU/23) Mounting bracket to be fixed to the press. (SUKU/26) Central lubrication system to be connected to the press pump (SUKU/31) Central lubrication unit with manually operated pump (SUKU/32) Torque overload safety coupling. (SUKU/25)

Mechanical features:
  1. One way clutch:
    1. Made of tungsten carbide steel on the contacting surface to keep rigidity, precision, and durability
    2. The gear has high precision transmission after HRC 60 degrees heat treatment and precisely ground
  2. Roller:
    1. High feed accuracy at exact positioning with hollow roller of less eight, and lower inertia
    2. Hard chrome plated heat treated to HRC60 degree and ground for the best rigidity and durability
  3. The anti-reversing device:
    1. The structure is same the one way clutch, It can precisely control the lower roller which will not reverse even for long time used as it is high in stability and precision
    2. The brake will not out of control by the splashed waste oil when it is punching such cause the lower roller to reverse, and transfer distance imprecision
    3. It will not cause high heat
    4. Super hard alloy and rolling post have been used. they are not easy to wear out
    5. The acting form of the rolling post is by circular movement, not like the four guided posts in straight line moving, so it will not stuck
    6. As less friction it will accrued, so the torsion it need will correspondingly reduced. The transfer structure will not easy wear out
    7. Speed can be reach to 30M/ min if the reversing device is fitted. In general, it is 20M/min. Efficiency has been increase about 50%
    8. Customers are welcomed to place orders for special specifications
Mechanical Gripper Feeder
Suku Controls Pvt.Ltd.

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New Gripper Series

Suku Controls Pvt.Ltd.
New Gripper Series
  • It used especial mechanical structure to brake traditional working and achieved high speed probably (spm 1200). Our target is to raise production, reduced cost, improved product quality.
  • Suitable for exceed thin material feeder, supply will be more stabilization, feeder distance will be more exactness.
  • Gripper feeder which is face to face contract, so that is doesn't left dent on material surface. It is suitable for aluminum Alloy, stainless steel, copper, iron and plating surface material. It is also used for second time project machining.
  • It is adopted strap style drive, scale type adjusting, easy to operation, great stability.
  • The machine is integrally formed which can avoid produce resonance when the machine pressing, and effect feeder precision.

Product Details :
Max Stroke Length60-120 mm
Max Width0.90 mm
Material Thickness0.1-1.5 mm
Feeder Angle180 degree
Loose Angleadjustable
Feeder Direcation60-120 mm

New Gripper Series

Suku Controls Pvt.Ltd.
mm Material Width
mm Material Length
mm MaterialThickness
Feeder Angle
180 °
Loose Angle
Installation Position
Feeder Direcation
Feeder Direcation (mm)
Material Line Height

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CAM Feeder

Suku Controls Pvt.Ltd.
We are the leading manufacturer of Computer Aided Manufacturing Feeder.
  • The machine is suitable for processes also needs the high accuracy feeding high speed to flush the product, (for example transformer silicon sheet steel, motor piece and so on).
  • Does not need to adjust the feeding thickness, delivers is apart from only depends on the gear to transform then. Delivers the change which is apart from is by 1-4 gear transformation becomes.
  • Stops the hoop all to have plates hard chromium processing.

Product Details :
Capacity(Tons)0-2, 2-4, 4-6, 6-8, 8-10
IndustryPackaging, Manufacturing, Food Industry/Agriculture, Chemical
Power SourceAC, DC

CAM Feeder
Suku Controls Pvt.Ltd.

mm Material Width
mm MaterialThickness
Split Num
mm Feed Length
Feed Angle
180 °
Laxative Angle
130 ° - 195 °
Feed Direction

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Gear Change Feeder

Suku Controls Pvt.Ltd.
We are the leading manufacturer of Gear Change Feeder.
  • Apply CAM Mechanism
  • High speed and high precision feeding, speed up to 40 M/min
  • Reliable and stable feeding
  • One year quality guarantee

Product Details :
Automatic GradeAutomatic
Production Capacity0-1 ton/day, 1-2 ton/day, 2-3 ton/day
Surface TreatmentGalvanized

Gear Change Feeder
Suku Controls Pvt.Ltd.

Stock Width (mm)
Stock Thickness (mm)
Cam Division
3 / 4 / 8 / 12
Feeding Length (mm)
Feeding Angle
Release Angle
Feeding Direction
Left to Right

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Feeders

Suku Controls Pvt.Ltd.
Here are some very basic reasons with which it can be proved that buying a SUKU Pneumatic Feeder is the right thinking to do. Instaling a feeder on your press does not just mean choosing a pneumatic clamp for feeding the material. You need to choose carefully the right feeder to develop better productivity.
  • Precision Accuracy to the tune of 20 microns or even better, depending on the type of tooling.
  • Right to Choose Right Feeder for every needs.
  • Light series for thin materials at fast speed, Medium & heavy series for thicker material; Alfa, Beta, Gamma & Theta with double & triple pulling cylinder and many series to follow soon.
  • Compact, Rigid and Strong Strictures which has negligible wear characteristics.
  • Interchangeability from one die to the other because of it simple installation with only two mounting screws.
  • Durable in Indian working conditions because of Extremely hard Aluminum alloy feed body there is no oxidation due to wet air remaining inside the feeder.
  • Quiet during operation.
  • Low air Consumption makes it more economical because it saves electricity.
  • Last but not the least, it is inexpensive compared with any other option.

Product Details :
Country of OriginMade in India
Automation GradeAutomatic
CapacityUpto 6mm thickness
Warranty1 Year
Machine TypeCoil Feeding Machine
Production Capacity3-4 ton/day
Max Stroke LengthAs per actual
Max WidthAs per actual
Required Air Pressure5 to 7 Kg
Model Name/NumberPneumatic Feeder
Speed10 Meters per minute
Driven TypeAir
Precision Accuracy0.02 microns

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Feeders
Suku Controls Pvt.Ltd.

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